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the book "Go To War Against Fear and Doubt" by Gary R. Miller

Go To War Against Fear & Doubt!

This is a believable true story about a child who saw himself as a below average person who cried himself to sleep each night because he thought he felt he was so stupid, uncoordinated and unpopular. His life was filled with nothing but fears and self-doubt. Surprisingly, every time he tried new things, he began to discover that he had many special talents that were hidden inside of him, that were forced to the surface through what seemed to be disasters and challenges but turned out to be skill builders. Instead of seeing fear and anxiety as his enemy and something to run away from, he imagined it as a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it. He saw it as something to run towards and came to the conclusion that most of the fears he held on to were purely imaginary and when he educated himself in the things he feared at first feared he saw them becoming his most valuable assets, when he mastered them. Moreover, he began to see that most of his thoughts and goals eventually became a reality. He saw his thoughts becoming self-fulfilling prophecies of the immediate future. He started to understand that the things he heard and the people he met on a daily bases were sent to help him accomplish everything he wanted to do. The only way he was able to realize that they were sent to him personally was by having goals, thereby, recognizing these helpers. He also saw how happiness was a choice, along with, health, and courage to press on.

This story spans 67 years showing how Gary was able to accomplish all the things he ever dreamed about with a successful career in photography that spanned over fifty years. One moment he was on the top of the mountain and through digital technology he woke up and his career was over. He had a choice either to reinvent himself with the principles he learned on his life’s journey or just fade away and feel sorry for himself. Seeing that the things he originally thought were hardships refined him into a much stronger and resilient person. He decided he would not give up even one struggle because they all turned him into the strong person he is today. Gary took all of the principles that worked the first time and took him where he wanted to go and used them again to forge the new career he decide to undertake. Yes the magic formulas worked again.

This book is targeted at both young and old people who are stuck and want to defy gravity and create a positive change in their life. The stories are real illustrations of seeing one’s life as positive lesson where everything always happens for the good. This story will add the magical ingredient to those that have given up faith and hope in themselves, and will help them realize how special and unique they are. Gary will walk you through the steps and mindset that leads to creating happiness, wealth, and contentment through the choices made each and every day. You can have an ordinary life or an extra-ordinary life… the choice is up to you!

Gary Miller can be reached on his cell phone at 248-802-2438. Email GMPHOTO@COMCAST.NET.

When all else fails…Go To War Against Fear & Doubt!

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